While The Lights Were Out: Oct. 27-29

A thunderstorm…
The lights go out…
An agonized voice…
A pistol shot…
The lights come up…
A stranger stands over the dead man holding a bloody dagger…
The detective examines the body and announces, “He’s been strangled!

This hilarious murder mystery farce with a roller coaster plot provides you with unexpected twists, thrills with every lulu of a clue and leaves you breathless with surprise and laughter.

Mark your calendars to attend the 2016 BCHS fall play, While the Lights Were Out on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, Oct. 27, 28 and 29!

Coming soon: Online Reserved ticket sales will open soon!

Fall Play Cast and Crews are announced

The Bishop Chatard Theatre has announced the cast, production staff and crews of the fall play, While The Lights Were Out. Congratulations!

View the list of students here

BCHS Welcomes a new Theatre Director

Bishop Chatard welcomes Brianne (Bri) Lindsey, as the BCHS Theatre Director!
Read about her journey to BCHS!

Theatre Booster Club Minutes

The Sept. 8 Theatre Booster Club meeting had a great turnout, with many new faces in the crowd. The fall play, While the Lights Were Out, was announced. Volunteers to provide snacks are needed for Sept. 15 Crew Kickoff meeting. (If interested, contact Christine Janowicz, Booster Club president, at janowiczc@gmail.com).
If you know of a freshman parent with a theatre-interested student who did not attend the meeting, encourage him/her to contact Christine to be included on the email distribution list.

View notes from the meeting.

‘Blue Box Theatre’ receives $47,500 from Fund-A-Cause

An innovation in theatre in recent decades, the “black box theatre” is a somewhat unadorned performance space, often a large room with dark walls that can be easily transformed, used in many college and theatre training programs. This flexible staging technique is versatile and enables instructors to adjust to changing theatrical needs.

In true Trojan style, we are building a ‘Blue Box Theatre’ to better serve the creative pursuits of Bishop Chatard’s drama students. Academic instruction and dramatic and musical productions, along with our Comedy Sportz team, are among those that will benefit significantly from this addition.

During Chatard-A-Bration 2016, the ‘Trojan Blue Box Theatre’ was the Fund-A-Cause for the event. Over $47,500 was raised! Construction of the theatre space will begin in April and be ready for summer camps!

Monies raised will help pay for:

  • Sound & Lighting Tech Booth components, including computer monitors, headsets, and power devices
  • Sound & Lighting Needs of the Blue Box Theater Room, including LED par can lights, spotlights and movers, speakers, acoustic panels and draping, and rigging and accessories
  • Additional Soft Seating for 32
  • Stage and Room Build-Out Construction, including labor, materials for stage construction, repurposing of storage areas, and HVAC

If you did not have a chance to support this cause, it’s not too late to do so. Contact Margaret Ruffing at mruffing@bishopchatard.org or 251-1451, Ext. 2242 for info on how to donate.

Senior-Directed One Act Plays

Congratulations to all of the Senior-Directed One-Act Plays Directors:

Emily Jorgenson, Anna Farmer, Henry Semler, Joseph Knight, Claire Rudolph, Valerie Schultz, Noah Boyce, and Erika Meckauskas

View the photo gallery from the play.

Art Takes Center Stage

Who knew arts could play such a critical role in your future?

Studies show that involvement in the arts can help increase test scores and improve overall academic performance. Plus, it’s a great way to express yourself.

Act Up! Get involved!